discuss, develop and modify the firmware and hardware of the Asus O!Play LaCie LaCinema PrimeDTV Myka ION
and other ixp4xx-based devices with large attached storage, henceforth refered to as 'Catfish'


In general, ipkg packages are commonly available software packages that have been ported to the HDP-RS - giving enhanced
or additional functionality. If you run into problems or have specific question with a certain package, you should look on the
Internet for the general documentation about the package first.


The OptWare package system was originally created to accompany the Unslung firmware for the NSLU2 (originally the packages were also called Unslung packages). It has since been expanded to cover a variety of other platforms, however much of the documentation hasn't been updated so you may still see references to Unslung and the NSLU2 when the information also applies to other platforms.


[1] - The version is free for anyone to modify, redistribute and use for any purpose that they choose.
[2] - Hacking Embedded Linux Based Home Appliances


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