Plug On Device is a plugin system for linux based embedded system, based on POD packages and POD Installer software.

  1. automatic installation of plugins : FTP server, News group client, Torrent client…
  2. easy to use, you don't need to use any command line !
  3. use an online repository
  4. compatible with any Linux device with a Telnet connection (movie players, routers, NAS…)
  5. communitary project : you can contribute and add new drivers and packages
  6. cross platform application : Windows and Linux versions available


To use POD Installer and POD packages, you need :

* - A computer running Windows, Linux or MacOS.
* - A device running Linux (NAS, router, movie player like PopCorn Hour or PlayOn!HD).
* - A telnet connection on your device. Most devices have one.
* - A driver. If there is no driver for your device, you can easily create one : see developpers.
* - A correct network setup :
o - your computer can access the Internet
o - your computer can access your device
o - you have to know your device's local IP adress

Please note :

* - this is a standard network setup.
* - some packages may need advanced network configuration.

First Use

Packages (WIP)


Severals step are executed by POD Installer to establish a connection with your device :

* Open a Telnet session.
* Change Telnet prompt to [END_COMMAND]. This is very important and allow POD Installer to recognize when a Telnet command is finished.
* Try to ping the local webserver from your device. This is a basic control of your network setup.
* Download the driver script to your device and change its permissions to make it executable.
* Execute a "doInstallDriver" operation on the driver. This allow driver specific operations.


Telnet Driver for ACRyan PlayOn!HD

<loginPattern>login: </loginPattern>
<promptPattern>/ #</promptPattern>
<changePromptCmd>export PS1="[END_COMMAND]"</changePromptCmd><description>
    Telnet Driver for ACRyan PlayOn!HD<br/>
    More infos about this device : <a href=""></a>

Create a package

Subversion server version 1.6.3
More infos on features and usage here : <a href=""></a>    
The SVN server will not be able to start properly until you edit the configuration file from the settings tab.

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