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Useful Misc. Scripts & Commands

These scripts will be executed through either SSH or Telnet.

Once logged into you box via one of these methods, the following are very useful:

Usage: busybox [function] [arguments]...
mount / -o remount,rw
This command is to enable read / write access on the O!Play 'root' file system
Usage: mount [flags] DEVICE NODE [-o options,more-options]
cat /proc/cmdline
defines the Flash partitions on the kernel command line (and other, vital, information)
df - Displays mounted external devices, such as USB storage.  
Use df -h to see the actual size values in MB
mount - Mounts an external device such as a USB HDD 
(Example:  mount /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 /opt

the following are pretty useful:

mount --bind - Binds an old directory to a new directory 
(Example: mount --bind /tmp/mnt/XXX) - Type mount --help to see more options.
umount - Unmounts the external device
dmesg | more - Will display box information one segment at a time (terminal window size) 
by hitting enter, the next segment is produced
netstat -an - Will display all incoming/outgoing connections
ps - Will display all running processes 
- Use ps --help to display more options.
free - Displays current memory statistics, and be used with extensions 
(Example: free -l) 
- Use free -? to display options
cat - Very, very useful and can display all input/output messages from the box 
- Use cat --help for more options.
Usage: cat [-u] [FILE]...
uname -a
Print system information
Display the time since the last boot
This will reboot the O!Play
cd /etc - Changes to the /etc directory

cd /mnt - Changes to the mounted directory

cd /opt - Changes to the /opt directory

These commands can also be be bound. (Example: cd /mnt/opt/etc)

NOTE: The following commands are used when the above commands have been executed

mkdir - Makes a directory, in which of course you need to specify (Example: mkdir /mnt/XXX) 

To mount the directory you just created, issue the following mount /mnt/XXX /XXX

rmdir - Removes the specified directory

rm - Removes a directory (Example: cd /opt then rm -rf *) -> Removes the/opt directory

killall - kill a specific process (Example: killall syslogd)

sleep - Causes the process to delay startup for specified time 

(Example: sleep 20 && /opt/bin/busybox swapon /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part2)

chown - Change the owner and/or group of each FILE to OWNER and/or GROUP 
- Type chown --help for string options

chmod - Allows permisions changing on directories 
(Example: chmod +x /jffs/etc/config/) 
- The +x string makes the directory executable.

stopservice - Stops the specified service 
(Example: stopservice upnp) 
- Replace stop with start to start the service


# cat /proc/cpuinfo
# cat /proc/cmdline
(Example: rootfstype=yaffs2 root=31:01 mtdparts=rtk_nand:112640k,95360k,40960k,13184k 
 console=ttyS0,115200n8r ip=
# cat /proc/devices
# cat /proc/iomem
00000000-000fffff : System RAM
00100000-00594fff : reserved
  00100000-00446d27 : Kernel code
  00446d28-004d41bf : Kernel data
00595000-01afffff : System RAM
01b00000-01ffffff : reserved
02000000-07ffffff : System RAM
b8012b00-b8012cff : SATA_DRV)
# cat /proc/yaffs
# cat /proc/modules
# cat /proc/mounts
# cat /proc/mtd
# cat /proc/pci
# cat /proc/version

Restart init.d

# /opt/etc/init.d/S10xinetd restart
# /opt/etc/init.d/S40sshd restart
# /opt/etc/init.d/S80samba restart

experiment & investigate a custom firmware for the Asus O!Play HD Digital Media Streamer

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