The Optware package system was originally created to accompany the Unslung firmware for the NSLU2 (originally the packages were also called Unslung packages). It has since been expanded to cover a variety of other platforms, including the O!Play:

Optware is targeted at devices with external storage.

ipkg vs. opkg

Optware use's ipkg, while recent OpenWrt versions use opkg. The latter is essentially a drop in replacement that addresses a number of issues. Documentation in the OpenWrt wiki is inconsistent, so almost all references of either simply mean "the package manager on the system."


opkg.conf was inspired by Debian's apt.conf. Instead of installing individual packages manually with pre-downloaded files and URLs, packages from repositories listed in /etc/opkg.conf

Packages (currently under investigation & confirmed to be working)


Package P-Ver Comment
analog 6.0-2 The most popular logfile analyser in the world
apache 2.2.14-1 The most popular web server on the internet
appweb 2.1.0-1 AppWeb is the leading web server technology for embedding in devices and applications
at 3.1.8-4 Delayed job execution and batch processing
atftp 0.7-9 Advanced TFTP server and client
autoconf 2.63-1 Creating scripts to configure source code packages using templates
automake 1.10-2 Creates GNU standards-compliant Makefiles from template files
autossh 1.4b-1 Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels


Package P-Ver Comment Confirmed Firmware
bash 3.2.49-1 A bourne like shell accept.png 1.18
bftpd 2.6-1 bftpd is a very configurable Linux FTP server which can do chroot without special configuration or directory preparation. FALSE 0.00
bsdmainutils 6.1.6-5 Small programs many people expect to find when they use a BSD-style Unix system FALSE 0.00
buildroot 4.1.1-13 uClibc compilation toolchain FALSE 0.00
busybox 1.10.3-1 A userland replacement for embedded systems FALSE 0.00


Package P-Ver Comment
ccollect 0.7.0-1 (pseudo) incremental backup with exclude lists using hardlinks and rsync
clearsilver 0.10.5-1 A fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template system
coreutils 8.4-1 Bunch of heavyweight *nix core utilities
cron 4.1-7 Standard vixie cron, with cron.d addition


Package P-Ver Comment
dropbear 0.52-5 Lightweight SSH client and server system
dstat 0.7.0-1 dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat, nfsstat, and ifstat
dump 0.4b41-3 Dump/Restore ext2/ext3 filesystem backup


Package P-Ver Comment
ez-ipupdate 3.0.11b7-2 A small utility for updating your host name for several dynamic DNS services.


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment
mediatomb 0.11.0 an open source (GPL) UPnP MediaServer


Package P-Ver Comment Confirmed Firmware
nano 2.2.1-1 A pico like editor accept.png 1.21
ncurses 5.7-1 NCurses libraries accept.png 1.21


Package P-Ver Comment Confirmed Firmware
openssh 5.3p1-1 a FREE version of the SSH protocol suite of network connectivity tools accept.png 1.21
openssh-sftp-server 5.3p1-1 sftp-server only from a FREE version of the SSH protocol suite of network connectivity tools. accept.png 1.21
openssl 0.9.7m-5 Openssl provides the SSL implementation in libraries libcrypto and libssl, and is needed by many other applications and libraries accept.png 1.21


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment Confirmed Firmware
systat 9.0.3-1 System performance tools for Linux OS accept.png 1.21


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment


Package P-Ver Comment Confirmed Firmware
zlib 1.2.3-3 zlib is a library implementing the 'deflate' compression system accept.png 1.21
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