We DO NOT provide downloads of 'Official Firmware' that's what the Manufacturers Support Site is for.!Play%20HDP-R1!Play%20Air

** Please ensure the television system or standard used in your country or location before updating the firmware.**

Copy install.img to the root directory of a USB flash drive and connect it to the USB host port of the player.
Enter the Setup menu:
System -> System Update -> System Upgrade and Enter to confirm.
Please wait for the flashing to complete (upto 2 minutes) until the player restarts by itself.
** Do not power off the unit during the flashing process! **

The HDMI connection may reset after updating the firmware and may go out of sync with your display.
Press the TV SYS button on the remote a few times to sync with a compatible display mode if this happen.
Once the display is back, we recommend setting to HDMI Auto in the video setup menu unless a manual mode is preferred.

Version 1.09

Earlier Firmware

Asus Official Downloads:

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