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Password Generator

This page lets you create the passwords that you need for restricting access to certain people on your WWW pages.
TIP:You can use this to modify the 'root' users 'lack of a password' on your OPlay

Firmware Modification Kit

This kit gives the user the ability to make changes to a firmware image without recompiling the firmware sources. It works by extracting the firmware into its component parts, then extracting the file system image (assuming its in one the supported formats).

The user can then make modifications to the extracted file system, and rebuild the firmware image.

NOTE: Te author has not been successful with this script (but have not really looked at it in depth either)

AVI ReComp for Windows

This program allows you to recompress your AVI files. The application supports not only files containing audio streams but AVIs without any audio as well. For the time being the program uses only Xvid codec for the recompression process (versions: 1.0.3 or newer).

The installation pack contains all required components (the newest versions of: VirtualDubMod, AviSynth and Xvid). AVI ReComp can be very useful for users who want to clear their AVIs out of GMC or Qpel functions to prepare their clips for standalone DVD players.

NOTE: Reported to be a temp fix for the "Unsupported GMC" error

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