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HACK#(ED) - Mount.RCS


# This script will parse the kernel command line like this one: 
# rootfstype=yaffs2 root=31:01 mtdparts=rtk_nand:993024k,28672k(/),16384k(/usr/local/etc),10496k
# The fields that have meta information, embraced by "( )" 
# and meaning the mount point, give us the information to mount the partitions.
# The mount point of "/" will be skipped.
# If /usr/local/etc is not mounted, it will return 1.
# For the command like this, mount.rcS will only try to see if "/usr/local/etc" can be mounted:
#    > mount.rcS /usr/local/etc
# If /usr/local/etc is found.
read CMDLINE < /proc/cmdline

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