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Strongly want to resolve in the very near future
bullet_red.png page p/motd MOTD Message of the Day
bullet_red.png page f/rtfm RTFM Read the FREE Manual
bullet_red.png implement a 'note'|'info'|'help'|'tips'|'stop' template (css messagebox)
bullet_red.png clean up loose pages and cats
bullet_red.png page hacked: NetworkBrowser.ini
bullet_red.png page f/firmware NAND
bullet_red.png page f/firmware FLASH
bullet_red.png template:help|note|tips|stop Custom div blocks
bullet_red.png create a 'r' is for Resource namespace:template r/resource
bullet_red.png create a 'p' is for Project namespace:template done: p/project
bullet_red.png create a 'f' is for Firmware namespace:template done: f/firmware


Might slip to later date
bullet_orange.png template _tmpl should be renamed
bullet_orange.png p/project template:link
bullet_orange.png f/firmware template:tool
bullet_orange.png style: oplayware-v2 needs working on


Priority is to be reviewed
bullet_go.png code style needs to include 'shell'
bullet_go.png box table comparing flash/memory/firmware etc
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