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Variables within the _template

The template consists of wiki text mixed with variables specified as %%variable-name%%. You can use these variables:


Page Variable
%%created_at%% Date page was created
%%created_by%% User who created page
%%created_by_linked%% Icon and link to user who created page
%%updated_at%% Date page was updated (edited, tagged, parented)
%%updated_by%% User who updated page
%%updated_by_linked%% Icon and link to user who updated page
%%commented_at%% Date of last comment
%%commented_by%% User who made last comment
%%commented_by_linked%% Icon and link to user who made last comment


Page Variable
%%name%% Page name without category
%%category%% Page category if any
%%fullname%% Page name with category if any
%%title%% Page title
%%title_linked%% Link to page showing title as text
%%link%% URL pointing to page
%%tags%% Page visible tags (not starting with underscore)
%%tags_linked%% Page visible tags linked to system:page-tags/tag/{tag}


Page Variable
%%children%% Number of child pages
%%comments%% Number of comments on page
%%size%% Number of characters in page
%%rating%% Page rating value
%%revisions%% Number of revisions to page


Global Variable
%%site_title%% Title of current site
%%site_name%% Wikidot Unix name for site
%%site_domain%% Active domain name of current site

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